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windows 7 not genuine fix and enjoy error free windows 7

1. Click on start menu.
2.Type cmd in search field.
3.Right click on cmd file and click on Run
as Administrator .It is must to run
command prompt with administrator
Windows software licensing management
tool. REARM command will reset the
licensing status of machine) and press
5. Now you will see a confirmation
window, click on OK.
6. Restart your PC.
Now you will never receive error message.
If you see same error message, then try
Command SLMGR -REARM works for
Windows 32 bit version. It even work for
windows 64 bit version. Some times this
command will not work for Windows 64
bit version. Then only try SLMGR /REARM
instead SLMGR -REARM.
After following above procedure, you may
remove windows not genuine error. But
there is chance that you may have black
background. In that case, change the
background by going in to system
properties. You can also re install OS and
follow procedure.

FACEBOOK Blank Status Update Trick

Hello friend! Now
its time for Facebook.
Keep visiting blog for daily new trickss &
tutorials related to both pc and android.
So lets get started..
Facebook blank status trick :
Steps: fb
2.hit the status button &
3.Copy or Enter @[3:3: ] on your status box .
4.have fun....


Check Your Airtel Mobile Number-
*282# *141*123#
Check Your Aircel Mobile Number-
Check Your BSNL Mobile Number-
Check Your Idea Mobile Number-
Check Your Reliance Mobile Number-
Check Your Tata Docomo Mobile
Check Your Vodafone Mobile Number-
Check Your Videocon Mobile Number-
Check Your Virgin Mobile Number-

How to Remove shortcut Virus from USB, Memory Card and Harddisk

I have seen many people asking me questions
like how to remove shortcut virus from
pendrive ?, or how to fix shortcut virus? how to
clean shortcut virus?, how to delete shortcut
virus? and so on for that greedy shortcut
virus.This problem is generally found in Windows
Xp or 7 . This problems also comes in PC with
antivirus installed.So antivirus can't help us in
this issue. This virus creates a shortcut folder
inside your USB Pendrive, Hard disk, PC, Memory
Cards. Here I am going to explain two methods
to remove shortcut virus from pendrive and
other USB devices.
Method 1
Check if the files of the USB are not in hidden
Now let's start ,Follow the following steps.
Step 1:
First , Connect your pendrive/USB/
Memory Card to your PC.
Click on the given link and download the
file “AutorunExterminator” Download
Extract it –> and Double-click on
It works in background so you will see a
cross icon in notification bar as shown
This process will help us remove the
autorun.inf files from USB/Memory Card.
Method 2:
In this step you have to remove shortcut
virus using CMD.
Click on “Start” –>Run –> type cmd and
click on OK.
let me consider your drive letter as G:
Enter the this command:
attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:
attrib G:\*.* /d /s -h -r
You can also copy the above command –
> Right-click in the Command Prompt
and paste it.
P.S: Please Don’t forget to replace the "letter
G" with your drive letter. Give a look to your
Step 3:
Now you can also Download the
Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware from the
given link download-Malwarebytes
Update it –> Perform “Full Scan”
Note: Default option is “Quick Scan” change it to
“Full Scan” and select your drive of which you
want to full scan.
Method 2
This tool actually is the official shortcut
virus removal tool and it vaccinates your
USB against further viruses attack and
creating shortcuts. xD
First , Download “UsbFix” (developed by
El Desaparecido) here [ Download Here]
If your antivirus not allowing this
application to run, disable antivirus
temporary from control panel.
Plug in your usb devices (USB Pendrive,
Hard disk, PC, Memory Cards)
Double click on UsbFix.exe
Click on deletion and you are done! :)
Note that it will restart your PC
Access your deletion report at ( C:
\UsbFix.txt )
This tool will help to remove shortcut
virus from pendrive

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Use your Google account for unlocking your mobile

1. When you try different patterns and unable to
unlock your phone in five attempts. Then a message
pop-up and shows two buttons “next” and “try
2. Now click on “next” button and you see two options
for unlocking phone. One is answer the security
question and the second option is to provide Google
account details.
3. Mostly people don’t set a security question. But if
you set it then simply answer the question and
unlock your device quickly. Otherwise check the
Google account option and click “next”.
4. Now provide your Google account username and
password attached with your device and click on
“sign in”.
5. After that you are directed to choose new pattern
and now you can unlock with this pattern.

Unlock pattern without Google account your mobile

If you also forget Google account details then what? Here
we have solution for this and that is factory reset your
android device. Lets talk about how to do it.
1. Power off your phone.
2. Now press Volume up, power and home button at
the same time and wait until your device starts.
3. When you see logo screen release the power button
and keep pressed the other two buttons.
4. Now your screen shows android system recovery
and there is a list. Use Volume up or down keys to
select option from the list. And select factory reset
option and then press power button to let the action
5. Now it asks you for confirmation, select “yes”.
6. After factory reset completes, it again shows you
android system recovery screen. Now select reboot
option and after restart it will not ask you for
This method deletes all your data and apps.
In step 2 of this method we use three keys Volume up,
power and home. But in some phones home is not
available so you can press Volume up and down with
power button. Here we are not going to tell you all
combination of buttons for factory reset. So you can
search for your specified android smartphone or
This is all about How to un

Samsung mobile codes

Secret codes / security codes / Reset
codes for samsung mobiles ;-
EI number: *#06#
Serial number: *#0001#
Battery status- Memory capacity :
Debug screen: *#9998*324# –
LCD contrast: *#9998*523#
Vibration test: *#9998*842# –
Alarm beeper – Ringtone test :
*#9998*289# – *#8999*289#
Smiley: *#9125#
Software version: *#0837#
Display contrast: *#0523# – *#8999*523#
Battery info: *#0228# or *#8999*228#
Display storage capacity: *#8999*636#
Display SIM card information: *#8999*778#
Show date and alarm clock: *#8999*782#
The display during warning: *#8999*786#
Samsung hardware version: *#8999*837#
Show network information: *#8999*638#
Display received channel number and
received intensity: *#8999*9266#
*#1111# S/W Version
*#1234# Firmware Version
*#2222# H/W Version
*#8999*8376263# All Versions Together
*#8999*8378# Test Menu
*#4777*8665# GPSR Tool
*#8999*523# LCD Brightness
*#8999*377# Error LOG Menu
*#8999*327# EEP Menu
*#8999*667# Debug Mode
*#92782# PhoneModel (Wap)
#*5737425# JAVA Mode
*#2255# Call List
*#232337# Bluetooth MAC Adress
*#5282837# Java Version
Type in *#0000# on a Samsung A300 to
reset the language
Master reset(unlock) #*7337# (for the new
samsungs E700 x600 but not E710)
Samsung A300, A800 phone unlock enter this
Samsung V200, S100, S300 phone unlock :
#*4773# Incremental Redundancy
#*7785# Reset wakeup & RTK timer
#*7200# Tone Generator Mute
#*3888# BLUETOOTH Test mode
#*7828# Task screen
#*#8377466# S/W Version & H/W Version
#*2562# Restarts Phone
#*2565# No Blocking? General Defense.
#*3353# General Defense, Code Erased.
#*3837# Phone Hangs on White screen.
#*3849# Restarts Phone
#*7337# Restarts Phone (Resets Wap
#*2886# AutoAnswer ON/OFF
#*7288# GPRS Detached/Attached
#*7287# GPRS Attached
#*7666# White Screen
#*7693# Sleep Deactivate/Activate
#*2286# Databattery
#*2527# GPRS switching set to (Class 4, 8,
9, 10)
#*2679# Copycat feature Activa/Deactivate
#*3940# External looptest 9600 bps
#*4263# Handsfree mode Activate/
#*2558# Time ON
#*3941# External looptest 115200 bps
#*5176# L1 Sleep
#*7462# SIM Phase
#*7983# Voltage/Freq
#*7986# Voltage
#*8466# Old Time
#*2255# Call Failed
#*5376# DELETE ALL SMS!!!!
#*6837# Official Software Version:
#*2337# Permanent Registration Beep
#*2474# Charging Duration
#*2834# Audio Path (Handsfree)
#*3270# DCS Support Activate/Deactivate
#*3282# Data Activate/Deactivate
#*3476# EGSM Activate/Deactivate
#*4760# GSM Activate/Deactivate
#*4864# White Screen
#*7326# Accessory
#*7683# Sleep variable
#*3797# Blinks 3D030300 in RED
#*7372# Resetting the time to DPB variables
#*3273# EGPRS multislot (Class 4, 8, 9, 10)
#*7722# RLC bitmap compression Activate/
#*2351# Blinks 1347E201 in RED
#*2775# Switch to 2 inner speaker
#*7878# FirstStartup (0=NO, 1=YES)
#*3838# Blinks 3D030300 in RED
#*2077# GPRS Switch
#*2027# GPRS Switch
#*0227# GPRS Switch
#*0277# GPRS Switch
#*22671# AMR REC START
#*22672# Stop AMR REC (File name: /a/
multimedia/sounds/voice list/ENGMODE.amr)
#*22673# Pause REC
#*22674# Resume REC
#*22675# AMR Playback
#*22676# AMR Stop Play
#*22677# Pause Play
#*22678# Resume Play
#*77261# PCM Rec Req
#*77262# Stop PCM Rec
#*77263# PCM Playback
#*77264# PCM Stop Play
#*22679# AMR Get Time
*#8999*364# Watchdog ON/OFF
*#8999*427# WATCHDOG signal route setup
*2767*3855# = Full Reset (Caution every
stored data will be deleted.)
*2767*2878# = Custom Reset
*2767*927# = Wap Reset
*2767*226372# = Camera Reset (deletes
*2767*688# Reset Mobile TV
#7263867# = RAM Dump (On or Off)

Hidden mobile codes

*#*#7594#*#* – Enable direct powering down of device once this
code is entered
*#*#273283*255*663282*#*#* – Make a quick backup of all the
media files on your Android device
*#*#232338#*#* – Shows Wi-Fi MAC address
*#*#1472365#*#* – Perform a quick GPS test
*#*#1575#*#* – For a more advanced GPS test
*#*#0283#*#* – Perform a packet loopback test
*#*#0*#*#* – Run an LCD display test
*#*#0289#*#* – Run Audio test
*#*#2663#*#* – Show device’s touch-screen version
*#*#0588#*#* – Perform a proximity sensor test
*#*#3264#*#* – Show RAM version
*#*#232331#*#* – Run Bluetooth test
*#*#232337#*# – Show device’s Bluetooth address
*#*#7262626#*#* – Perform a field test
*#*#8255#*#* – Monitor Google Talk service
*#*#4986*2650468#*#* – Show Phone, Hardware, PDA, RF Call
Date firmware info
*#*#1234#*#* – Show PDA and Phone firmware info
*#*#2222#*#* – Show FTA Hardware version
*#*#44336#*#* – Show Build time and change list number
*#*#8351#*#* – Enable voice dialing log mode, dial *#*#8350#*#*
to disable it
##778 (+call) – Show EPST menu
These codes are specific to HTC devices only:
*#*#3424#*#* – Run HTC function test program
*#*#4636#*#* – Show HTC info menu
##8626337# – Run VOCODER
##33284# – Perform field test
*#*#8255#*#* – Launch Google Talk service monitor
##3424# – Run diagnostic mode
##3282# – Show EPST menu
##786# – Reverse Logistics Support

Hidden Android Secret Codes

*#06# – IMEI number
*#0*# – Enter the service menu on newer phones like Galaxy S III
*#*#4636#*#* – Phone information, usage statistics and battery
*#*#34971539#*#* – Detailed camera information
*#*#273282*255*663282*#*#* – Immediate backup of all media
*#*#197328640#*#* – Enable test mode for service
*#*#232339#*#* – Wireless LAN tests
*#*#0842#*#* – Backlight/vibration test
*#*#2664#*#* – Test the touchscreen
*#*#1111#*#* – FTA software version (1234 in the same code will
give PDA and firmware version)
*#12580*369# – Software and hardware info
*#9090# – Diagnostic configuration
*#872564# – USB logging control
*#9900# – System dump mode
*#301279# – HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu
*#7465625# – View phone lock status
*#*#7780#*#* – Reset the /data partition to factory state
*2767*3855# – Format device to factory state (will delete
everything on phone)
##7764726 – Hidden service menu for Motorola Droid


Do You Know That You Can Login To Your Facebook Account Using Three Different Passwords??Unlike Any Other Social Network Which Has Only One Password To Access, Facebook Lets You Login Using Three Different Variants Of Your Password. Facebook Accepts The Following Forms Of Your Password.
1.Your Original Password::This Is The Password You Created During The Sign-up Process. Assume That Your Default Facebook Password That You Created During The Sign-up Process Is"myFacebookPass"
2.Password With The Case Toggled::In The Above Password, The Letters"F"And"P"Are In Uppercase And The Remaining Are In The Lowercase. If YouTOGGLEThe Case Here, All TheUPPERCASECharacters Are Converted Into TheLOWERCASEAnd Vice Versa. Your Default Password"myFacebookPass"Would Become"myfacebookpass". Now If You Login Using The Above Toggled Password, Facebook Will Accept It. This Is The First Variation Of Your Default Password Which Is Accepted By Facebook.
3.Password With The First Letter Capitalized::If The First Character Of Your Password Is In TheLOWERCASE, You May Just Change That First Letter ToUPPERCASEAnd Facebook Will Again Accept It And Let You In. As In The Case Of The Above Example Where Your Default Password Is"myFacebookPass", If You Just Change The First Letter ToUPPERCASE, Your Password Would Be"MyFacebookPass"
NOTE::The 3rd Option Works For Mobile Users Only..
Now, You All Know That Facebook Can Be Accessed Using Three Different Passwords. It's Just An Option Provided By Facebook Itself To Make The Sign-in Process Easier For Users.
The Most Common Reason For The Authentic Logins To Be Rejected Is When TheCAPS LOCK Is ON. This Is Where The First Variation Comes In Handy. That Means, When TheCAPS LOCK Is ON, The Case Gets Reversed(Toggled)For Your Password But Facebook Will Accept It.
In Case Of Mobile Phone Users, It Is Common For The First Letter Of The Password To Get Capitalized Which Often Leads To Login Failure. So In Order To Tackle This Issue, Facebook Will Also Accept The Password Where Only The First Letter Is Capitalized. Thus If TheCAPS LOCKIs Accidentally Enabled, The Toggled Password Feature Would Still Let You Log In To Your Account..

How To Protect Folder þç TRíçk

1.Open Notepad and Copy code given below into it.
cls @ECHO OFF title MasterTricky.Net if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" goto UNLOCK if NOT EXIST MyFolder goto MDMyFolder :CONFIRM echo Are you sure to lock this folder? (Y/N) set/p "cho=>" if %cho%==Y goto LOCK if %cho%==y goto LOCK if %cho%==n goto END if %cho%==N goto END echo Invalid choice. goto CONFIRM :LOCK ren MyFolder "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" attrib +h +s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" echo Folder locked goto End :UNLOCK echo Enter password to Unlock Your Secure Folder set/p "pass=>" if NOT %pass %== hannan goto FAIL attrib -h -s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" ren " Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" MyFolder echo Folder Unlocked successfully goto End :FAIL echo Invalid password goto end :MDMyFolder md MyFolder echo MyFolder created successfully goto End :End
2.Save the notepad file as lock.bat (.bat is must)
3.Now double click on lock.bat and a new folder will be created with name MyFolder
4.Copy all your data you want to protect in that New folder
5.Now double click on lock.bat and when command promp appears Type Y and press enter.
6.Now MyFolder will be hidden from you view, to access that folde double click on lock.bat
7.It will ask for password enter your password and done

How to quickly rename multiple files in Windows

Rename multiple files in Microsoft Windows
XP Explorer by following the steps below.
1. Open Explorer .
2. In Explorer select all the files you want to
3. Once the files have been selected press F2
and type the new name for the files. For
example, typing "test" will rename the files to
test, test(1), test(2), test(3) etc. If you have
show file extensions enabled, make sure to also
type the name of the file extension you're
If you need each of the files renamed as a
different name, you can also quickly go
through files by following the steps below.
1. Highlight the first file and press the F2 key.
2. This opens rename for the highlighted file.
After the file has been renamed press the tab
key to go to the next file.

All window 7 short cut keys

Platform: Windows/ English
PDF Print Hide all Show all
1. Managing 'Windows' in Windows 7
Move and Resize Active Window
Win + Arrow Down Set window to Restored (if Maximized) or
Minimized (if Restored)
Win + Arrow Up Maximize window (if Restored)
Win + Shift + Arrow Down / Win
+ Shift + Arrow Up
Maximize Restored window vertically / Restore
window to previous state
Win + Arrow Right / Win
+ Arrow Left
Move Restored window to left/center/right.
Works across multiple monitors
Win + Shift + Arrow Right / Win
+ Shift + Arrow Left
Move window to left monitor / to right monitor
when using multiple monitors
Alt + Space Opens the title bar menu
Alt + Space + Enter Restore Window
Alt + Space + x Ma x imize Window
Alt + Space + n Mi n imize Window
F11 Turn full page view on or off
'Maximized' means full screen, 'Restored'
means variable window size, and 'Minimized'
means minimized to taskbar.
Switch between Applications
Alt + tab ,
alt + Shift + Tab
Cycles through open programs in taskbar. Hold
alt and continuously press tab to move
forward between applications. Release keys to
switch to application selected. Add shift to
reverse direction.
Alt + Ctrl + tab , then use
arrow keys to select application
Cycles through open programs in taskbar
without needing to hold alt continuously.
Press alt + ctrl + tab once, then continue
with arrow keys and press enter on
Alt + Esc / Alt + Shift + Esc Cycle through programs on taskbar in the order
they were opened or accessed
Win + Tab Cycle through programs using Aero Flip 3D
Ctrl + Win + Tab Cycle through programs on Taskbar using Aero
Flip 3D
Win + g Cycle through G adget Window
Manage Multiple Windows
Win + d Minimize all windows on all Monitors. Press
again to restore previous state
Win + m Minimize all windows on current Monitor
Win + Shift + m Restore previously minimized windows on
current Monitor
Win + Home Set all windows to Minimized on current
Monitor except active
Win + Space Preview Desktop / make windows transparent
(May not work with all Settings)
2. Accessing Windows Features
Win + e Start Windows E xplorer (in My Computer)
Win + r Open the R un window
Win + f Open Windows Search. f3 on empty desktop
works, too.
Win + l L ock the keyboard/ computer
Win + F1 Display Windows Help
Alt + Shift Change keyboard language layout if multiple
language layouts are active*
shift when inserting CD or DVD Prevent CD or DVD from automatically playing
Win + p Choose Presentation Display Mode
Win + x Open Mobility Center
* When working with multiple Keyboards
Layouts (e.g. Spanish/English/German). Add
unlimited Layouts under Regional settings and
activate language bar in Taskbar to see current
language. Switch with shortcut any time.
3. Windows 7 Taskbar
win or ctrl + Esc
Activate Start Button. Then use arrow keys ,
space and enter to navigate within Start
Win + t Go to first item in t askbar, continue with
arrow keys
Win + b Go to first item in system tray
Shift +click on a taskbar item Start new instance of taskbar item
Ctrl + Shift +click on a taskbar
Start new instance of taskbar item as
Shift +right-click on a taskbar
item Show the window menu for the program
Win + 1 ... 9 Switch to application in position N on taskbar
(or launch pinned application)
Shift + Win + 1 ... 9 Start new instance of taskbar item in position N
on taskbar
Unfortunately, Microsoft removed the possibility
to select multiple taskbar items in Windows 7
4. Navigating Desktop
Arrow Keys Navigate between and select single icons on
desktop (when focus is on the desktop)
Home / End Select first / select last object on desktop
Enter Launch active icon
Shift + F10
Activate context menu of active icon by
simulates right mouse button. Once in the
context menu use arrow keys , a - z and
enter to select item
tab , shift + tab on empty
Navigate between desktop, the quick-launch
bar, task bar and notification bar. Then use
arrow keys and enter or space to activate
specific icons
a , b , c , ...
Pressing the initial letter of the name of any
objects will highlight the respective application
or folder. Continue typing the object name if
multiple objects start with the same letter
5. Windows Explorer
Win + e Start Windows Explorer (My Computer)
Alt + Arrow Up Go up one folder
Alt + Arrow Left / Alt
+ Arrow Right Go to previous folder / go to next folder
Tab / Shift + Tab
Switch focus forward/ backward between
Address bar, Search Bar, Toolbar, Navigation
Pane, and File List (Default is usually File List)
Alt + d or f4 Jump to the Address bar and select absolute
address. Copy address with ctrl + c if desired
Ctrl + e or ctrl + f Jump to S e arch Box in Explorer
Ctrl + n Open new instance of Windows Explorer
F11 Maximize window
Navigate File List and Navigation Pane
Arrow Keys Navigate between files and folders
Enter Open folder or start application
Home / End Jump to first / jump to last item
F2 Change the file name of active item
f2 , then arrow left / Arrow Right Move one character to the left / to the right in
item name
f2 , then ctrl + Arrow Left / Ctrl
+ Arrow Right
Jump one word to the left / to the right of item
f2 , then home / End Jump to beginning / jump to end of item name
f2 , then ctrl + a Select complete object name including suffix
(default excludes suffix)
Arrow Left / Arrow Right Expand folder / collapse folder (navigation
pane only)
File List
Alt + p Display or hide P review Pane
Alt + v then d View d etails. Check View menu for more
Alt + v then x View e x tra-large icons. Check View menu for
more options
Ctrl +mouse scroll wheel Change size of icons
Select Items in File List and Navigation Pane
Shift + Arrow Up / Arrow Down Select multiple adjacent items (directly above
or below)
ctrl with arrow keys and space
Select multiple non-adjacent items. Hold ctrl ,
use arrow keys to move to next item, and
press space to add/remove from selection
Ctrl + a Select a ll
a ... z and 1 .. 9
Press the initial letter any item to jump to it.
Continue typing the full name if multiple items
start with the same letter
Manipulate Items in Explorer
Ctrl + c , ctrl + x , ctrl + v ctrl + c for copy, ctrl + x for cut and ctrl
+ v for paste
Ctrl + z Undo an action
Ctrl + y Redo an action
Delete Delete an item and place it into the Recycle Bin
Shift + Delete Delete an item permanently without placing it
into the Recycle Bin
Shift + F10
Activate context menu of active object.
Replaces the right mouse button. Once in the
context menu use arrow keys , a - z and
enter to get to the selection
Ctrl + Shift + n Create n ew folder
Alt + Enter Open Properties dialog box
6. Photo Viewer
Arrow Left / Arrow Right Go to next / go to previous photo
Ctrl + . Rotate photo clockwise
Ctrl + , Rotate photo counter-clockwise
[ + ] / - Zoom in / zoom out (or mouse wheel)
Ctrl + 0 (zero) Fit to Window
Delete Delete current photo
Shift + Delete Permanently delete current photo
Alt + Enter Show properties of current photo
Alt + e or ctrl + s E mail current photo
Ctrl + c C opy current photo file to clipboard
Alt + o O pen current photo in other application (e.g.
Paint of Office)
7. Dialog Boxes
Ctrl + Tab / Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move forward / move backwards through tabs
Tab / Shift + Tab Move forward / move backwards through
Alt +underlined letter Perform the command (or select the option)
that goes with that letter
Enter Replaces clicking the mouse for many selected
Space Select or clear the check box if the active
option is a check box
Arrow Keys Select a button if the active option is a group of
option buttons
F4 Display the items in the active list
Backspace Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected
in the Save As or Open dialog box
8. Windows Admin
Admin Tasks
Ctrl + Win + f Search for Computers (with Active Directory
Win + pause/break
Display System Properties which holds system
properties, computer name, device manager
and so on
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Opens Windows Task Manager
Remote Desktop
Alt + Page Up / Alt + Page Down Move between programs from left to right /
from right to left
Alt + Insert Cycle through programs in the order that they
were started in
Alt + Home Display the Start menu
Ctrl + Alt + pause/break Switch between a window and full screen
Ctrl + Alt + End Display the Windows Security dialog box
Alt + Delete Display the system menu
9. Windows Help
Tab Move between links
Alt + c Display the Table of Contents
Alt + n Display the Connection Settings menu
F10 Display the Options menu
Alt + Arrow Left / Alt
+ Arrow Right
Move back / move forward to the previously/
next viewed topic
Alt + a Display the customer support page
Alt + Home Display the Help and Support home page
Home / End Move to the beginning / to the end of a topic
Ctrl + f Search the current topic. Press tab to leave
Ctrl + p Print a topic
F3 Move the cursor to the search box. Press tab
to leave
10. Ease of Access and Magnifier
Ease of Access
Win + u Open Ease of Access Center
Press shift five times. Turn Sticky Keys on or off
Press num lock for five seconds Turn Toggle Keys on or off
Right shift for eight seconds Turn Filter Keys on or off
left alt + left shift + Num Lock Turn Mouse Keys on or off
left alt + left shift + prtScn Turn High Contract on or off (Careful, will
change theme!)
Win + [ + ] Start Magnifier and zoom in
Win + - Zoom out with Magnifier active
Ctrl + Alt + i Invert colors in Magnifier display
Win + Esc Exit Magnifier
Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys Move

Crack windows 7 password

Windows 7 Password Key Professional is a
software tool designed to reset or remove the
forgotten or lost Windows password. If you
have no clues in remembering your 7 password
or you cannot even be possibly to unlock it
with the above method, then using this
Windows 7 Password Key Professional could be
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recovery. Please follow the below step-by-step
Step1: Download, install and run this Windows
Password Key Professional on a working PC.
Step2: Prepare for a blank and writable CD/
DVD/USB Flash Drive and next insert it to the
PC for the purpose of burning the
image file to it and making it as a Windows
password reset disk.
Step3: Insert the created password reset disk to
the target PC and set the PC boot from CD/DVD
or USB.
Step4: Start to reset the forgotten Windows 7
password with the password reset disk in less
than 3 clicks of button.

Download Windows7 password key

Without Name Folder in Windows 7

1. Make a Newfolder on desktop or where
ever you want.
2. Right click on this newly created folder and
select Rename.
3. Erase the text showing "New Folder".
4. Now keep Pressing Alt (i.e alter key) and
type 255 . If you are on laptop then you
need to enable your Num Lock and type
from the highlighted number keys not from
those below function keys.
5. After that leave alt key and Press enter .
6. Done you just created nameless folder.

Good password cracker tools

1. RainbowCrack
RainbowCrack is a general propose implementation of
Philippe Oechslin's faster time-memory trade-off
technique. It crack hashes with rainbow tables.
RainbowCrack uses time-memory tradeoff algorithm to
crack hashes. It differs from brute force hash crackers.
2. NTAccess
NTAccess can replace the administrator password of a
Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows
Server 2003 or Windows Vista 32-Bit system by
rebooting the computer with a special set of boot disks.
This is useful if you forgot the administrator password
and cannot access the Windows NT/2000/XP/Server
2003/Vista system.
3. NetBIOS Auditing Tool
The intention of this package is to perform various
security checks on remote servers running NetBIOS file
sharing services.
4. Proactive System Password Recovery
Proactive System Password Recovery (PSPR; formerly
known as Advanced Windows Password Recovery) is a
program to recover most types of Windows passwords.
Other information that could be recovered by AWPR is
LSA Secrets; the program also allows to run any
programs in other user's context, show password
history hashes, read password hashes from SAM and
SYSTEM files, perform brute-force and dictionary
attacks on Windows 9x PWL files, and decrypt product
ID and CD key for Windows and Microsoft Office
5. Proactive Password Auditor
Proactive Password Auditor helps network
administrators to examine the security of their networks
by executing an audit of account passwords. By
exposing insecure passwords, Proactive Password
Auditor demonstrates how secure a network is under
6. Password Safe
Whether the answer is one or hundreds, Password Safe
allows you to safely and easily create a secured and
encrypted user name/password list. With Password Safe
all you have to do is create and remember a single
"Master Password" of your choice in order to unlock and
access your entire user name/password list.
7. Pandora
Pandora is a set of tools for hacking, intruding, and
testing the security and insecurity of Novell Netware. It
works on versions 4 and 5. Pandora consists of two
distinct sets of programs -- an "online" version and
an"offline" version. Pandora Online is intended to be
used for direct attack against a live Netware 4 or 5
server. Pandora Offline is intended to be used for
password cracking after you have obtained copies of
8. ophcrack
Ophcrack is a free Windows password cracker based on
rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of
rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It
comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on
multiple platforms.

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